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Welcome to our Hammerheads Baseball Website.

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Some Hammerheads Highlights

For 2017/18 We will have 3 Training Facilities – We are considering a 4th as well in Gurnee.

Training Schedules for Next Year

These are not 100% finalized, but they are very close.  We may tweak them a little bit.  For example, as of now, we have no outside field time for Elburn and Lake Villa, but we would like to add a field day on Wednesdays for the youth groups from April through the Summer baseball season.

  • Training Schedule for our Youth Teams
  • Training Schedule for our High School Teams

Hammerheads North (Lake Villa Location)

We partnered with Twisters Elite for a Hammerheads North Location.  We will get there gym on Sundays from December through March to run our training program up north.



 Hammerheads Central (Carol Stream Location)

This is our normal Carol Stream location.  We will be renovating this location.  Once it is finished, we will be able to run 16 kids through each session (maximum).  Speed training, throwing program, bullpens, hitting & catching will all be done here.


Hammerheads West (Elburn Location)

This location will allow us to run 8 kids through each session (maximum).  Throwing program, bullpens, hitting & catching will all be done here.



Destination Tournaments

Next year we will be doing a destination tournament in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. This will be optional and an extra cost.  This will be for the youth ages.  If you don’t have enough players in our program who want to do it, we will add players from other programs just for this trip.



College Recruiting

We have a database of almost every coach in the country.  The key is finding a fit for our players. A lot of programs hype up the tournaments, out of state, etc.  The key is to be good.  College coaches are looking for very good players.  If you don’t have the tools to play at the D1 or D2 level, you will need to be considering small schools at the D3 / NAIA or Juco level.  Coach Sewell is a straight shooter and he will give your son an honest assessment of where he is currently at and what schools he should be considering.  Then, we get the video out

Next Year’s Teams

  • 12u  Coach (We have him, but we are not announcing it officially yet…Paid staff will help)
  • 13u  Coach Chuck  (Paid staff will help)
  • 13u  Paid Staff
  • 14u  Coach LeBlanc  (Paid staff will help)
  • 14u  Coach Sewell – Owner of Illinois Hammerheads  (Paid staff will help)
  • 14u  Paid Staff
  • High School Group  (All Paid Staff)
  • College (18-22u)

Contact Us if you are interested in coaching or playing for us.