Illinois Hammerheads Baseball

College Summer League

What Is It?  This league is set up for local college players to play competitive baseball, but also still have time for their internships, summer jobs and whatever else eats up most of their time.

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Game Schedule

  • 1 double header each weekend
  • On the other day, you will play 1 game
  • These will be 9 inning games or a 2 hour and 20 minute time limit, whatever comes first.
  • 7 weekends of regular games
  • Playoff Weekend – All Teams Are In The Playoffs – Top 2 Teams will get a bye
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Types of Bats Allowed

  • Wood bats and Baum bats are allowed in this league.

College Players (18-24u)

We will end up having around 18 roster spots on each team, however, it could be more or less depending how many pitcher only players we have or 2-way players that we have on each team.

  • 13 to 14 Position Players
  • 6 to 8 Pitcher Only Players

Player Eligibility:  

Seniors in High School (Class of 2018)
If you are playing college baseball in the fall or are a competitive player who is looking to play one more summer before college, you are eligible to play in this league.  You may have to attend a tryout though if you aren’t committed to a college already.

Current College Players (Any Level)
If you are currently playing college baseball, you are eligible for this league.

Current College Club Players
If you are playing club baseball in college, you may be able to make one of these rosters.  You may have to attend a tryout or get a referral from a former coach.

Just Finished College / Former Pro Guys
Each team can have no more than 3 of these players on the active roster.  No more than 1 former professional player.  That counts independent league baseball and affiliated baseball.

If you are finished with college and you are looking to keep playing while trying to get picked up by a professional team, this league is probably going to be better than the adult leagues in the area.

Former College Players must be 24 years old or younger as of May 1, 2018.  There is no age limit for former professional players.  They may need to attend a tryout though to make a roster.

*We know there are players that are trying to get signed by Independent League teams or even pro teams to hopefully get their shot in pro ball.  There are so many situations that come up where a former pro guy needs a place to get his work in while hoping for his next shot.  Our league is set up to give these players an opportunity to do that.


  • Chicagoland area (Probably Marmion High School), but could be in DuPage or Kane County.  We will need 1 field with 6 teams, 2 fields if we go up to 8 teams.