About Us

Hi.  I’m Kevin Sewell and the owner of Hammerheads Exposure Baseball Camps.  I’ve been coaching travel baseball teams for 5 years now and running lessons and team instruction for 12 plus years.  I run the Illinois Hammerheads travel baseball program in Illinois.

After seeing all of these showcase events pop up for crazy prices or with no college coaches in attendance, I decided to offer a low-priced showcase baseball camp option with college coaches in attendance.  We have a lot of college coaches who have jumped on board to help run these events as well, helping to get our players that attend these events more information to help them target schools that may fit for them at the college level.

Coach Sewell and his staff will also be doing a bunch of video and helping market these players to colleges that could be a good fit for them.  Every player does not have the skills to compete at the college level, however, for the players that do, we will help get them more exposure to more schools to help with the recruiting process.