2018 Northern Wisconsin Hammerheads Fishing Showcase (Fishing Camp) August 5th – 11th

Purpose of This Event:  This isn’t just a week long fishing camp.  A week long camp would be awesome, however, this is for high school students who are looking to find a college where they can continue fishing as part of their college bass fishing team.  There are a lot of these schools that are now offering scholarship money and some have more perks than others as far as boat access, lakes to fish, more tournaments available, etc.

The goal is to teach them the necessary things they will need to help them accomplish their goal.

Being good at fishing is important, but just a part of it.

Promoting & Representing the School Correctly
This is super important.  Most colleges are using college bass fishing as a very affordable way to market their college.  Show them that you are the type of person that has the qualities to help represent their school and get them exposure and you may just find yourself some scholarship money.

This is a no brainer.  Start building your network at our event and it may provide many more opportunities to you down the road.

Boating & Travel Safety
Life is different when you are responsible for yourself while on the road and on the water.  We have a list of things we go over to help them be better prepared.

Once we are done, each student will have a profile page with fishing videos, social media content and a better understanding of how to sell themselves to the school of their dreams.

Try to earn a scholarship or just get accepted into the school that has all the bass fishing perks you are looking for.

Who is Invited:  Class of 2019 & 2020 Students who are looking to be part of a college bass fishing club in the future.

There will be an interview process for this event.  You can’t just sign up and pay to be included.  We are looking for 48 students who already have a certain skill set that will help them achieve their goal of fishing in college.

Dates:  August 5th – 11th
We will leave Carol Stream on a bus on Sunday, August 5th at 1 p.m.  We plan on being back between 3 and 4 p.m. on Saturday, August 11th.

Cost:  $2,200 ($300 discount if you pay in full)
We have a payment plan also.  $1,000 up front, $600 in 4 weeks, then the final $600 in another 4 weeks.  We use Paypal for all of our payments.  If you want to pay by check, please let us know.

Instructors:  Kevin Sewell will be here during the entire event running the show.  He will have 6 other instructors in camp.  4 will always go out on the water with the boys while Kevin and the other 2 instructors stay back at camp running the school part.
***Kevin runs a large baseball organization with over 180 players and more than 30 coaches who help out throughout the year.  Running this event will be like a vacation compared to our normal schedule.  You are in good hands.

Safety:  Most anglers don’t wear a flotation device while actually fishing, HOWEVER, for this event, it will be required for each student.  No life vest, no fishing.  Getting everyone back safely is super important to us.

Where Are We Fishing:  Chippewa Flowage in Northern Wisconsin
This is a huge body of water which gives us a lot of options for fishing, but with how sheltered this body of water is, it is much safer and works great for smaller boats.  You won’t find a better destination in the entire Midwest that offers big fish angling opportunities that is safe to smaller boats even in high winds.

Itinerary:  See the Full Itinerary Here