About Us

Kevin Sewell is the owner of Hammerheads Fishing.  He is the guy in the image above.  Kevin runs the Illinois Hammerheads baseball program which now features Illinois teams, regional showcase events and even regional destination baseball teams.

His other passion is fishing.  He owns and runs the largest fishing tourism website on the planet.  It is ultimatefishingsite.net.

With Hammerheads Fishing, Kevin has started something that will help give the students a huge advantage towards finding a spot on a school’s college bass fishing team.  As these clubs continue to get more popular, there are more and more schools that are even offering scholarship money to attend their school and fish on the college bass fishing team.  Most of these scholarships are small, but it gives these students the opportunity to have a home and fish tournaments through their college years.  Whether they choose to do it just for fun while in college or use it as a stepping stone for turning professional down the road, it can definitely make your college experience a better one.

Kevin has his own Youtube channel.  Take a look at some of his videos.