Illinois Hammerheads Baseball

High School Program Costs Next Year (15u – 17u)


Program Costs for the High School Players

We are breaking the costs into 2 parts.

For next year, we are spending a lot of time at Marmion Academy, which is a big upgrade and we are also giving each player at the high school level 18 (1/2 hr.) lessons next year.


Marmion Academy, St. Luke’s Church, Team Training & Lessons Fee


Approximately for Tourneys & Coaches Fees



Marmion Academy, St. Luke’s Church, Team Training, Lessons, Showcase Fee


Approximately for Tourneys & Coaches Fees


17u:  same as 16u

Roster Size

14 per team for high school aged teams

Due Dates


$800 right away when you commit to the team, $850 two weeks later

16u & 17u

$800 right away when you commit to the team, $949 two weeks later

For 16u & 17u, the costs are higher because we are doing a college showcase camp for our program in the fall for all of our 16u and 17u players.

This doesn’t guarantee you playing time in any of our tournaments.  The tournament fee and coaches fee will guarantee you time in our tournaments during the summer.

Tournaments & Coaches Fees Explained

This is the 2nd part of the program costs.  These are due by February 1st, 2019.

Approximately $643


Approximately $500 per player

7 tournaments @ $1,000 per tourney (approximate) divided by the number of players on that team.  It will be around $500 per player if we have 14 players per roster, however, if we do bigger tournaments that charge more, the costs can go up.

Coaches Fees

Approximately $143 per player

Coaches will get paid $40 per game to coach it, kind of like an umpire fee.  If a game gets rained out, or a whole tournament gets rained out, nothing is paid for a coach that day.

Plan on anywhere between 20 and 30 games for the summer depending on the weather.

2 coaches at a game comes to $80 per game.  If we only have 1 coach for whatever reason, then it is $40 for that game, but we would like to have 2 per game.  Maximum of 2 paid coaches per game.  If Coach Sewell send a 3rd or 4th out there for any reason, he would be responsible for paying for any coach over 2 coaches.

25 games @ 80 per game for coaches, comes to approximately $2,000

Divide that by 14 players = around $143 per player

Exception…you don’t pay extra for Coach Sewell.  When he is there coaching, you don’t pay for a coach.  The maximum number of coaches you will pay for per game is 2, so if Sewell over staffs a team for some reason, he will pay for that himself.

Each Player Receives

2 dri fit unis

2 dri fit practice shirts

2 pairs of pants

1 hoodie

2 hats

18 half hour one on one lessons plus all our group training


When you sign up, you are committing to taking a spot on one of our travel baseball teams.  There are no refunds.  You will have to sign a contract committing to the costs of the program.