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College Exposure Events for High School Baseball Players


We have set up our event locations for the summer of 2018.  All fields are set except for our Kansas City or Springfield Missouri location on July 31st and August 1st.  Take a look below and email us to request an invite.  These events are for players who are looking to get some exposure by playing in front of college coaches.

Cost for These Events

There is a different cost if you are traveling with us or just meeting us there.  If you travel with us, the bus leaves from Carol Stream, Illinois at 3 p.m. the day before the event.

Early Registration

Save $50 if you register by May 1st
Save $25 if you register by May 15th

Position Players




2-Way Players

We recommend attending these events as a pitcher or a position player.  However, if you want to do both, we can make that happen.  There are some good 2-way college baseball players, but it is not the norm.


View Events By Date

Date Location
Expected Number of College Coaches
June 12 & 13

June 12 – 15u & 16u
June 13 – 17u

Berea College (Kentucky)

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June 19 & 20

June 19 – 15u & 16u
June 20 – 17u

Butler University (Indiana)

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July 9

17u Only

Marmion Academy (Illinois)

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July 10 & 11

July 10 – 15u & 16u
July 11 – 17u

SIU Edwardsville (Southern Illinois)

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July 16

15 & 16u Only

Marmion Academy (Illinois)

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July 17 & 18

July 17 – 17u
July 18 – 15 & 16u

Walsh University  (OH)

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July 24 & 25

July 24 – 15u & 16u
July 25 – 17u

Albion College (Michigan)

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July 31 & August 1

July 31 – 15u & 16u
August 1 – 17u

Kansas City or Springfield  (MO)

There are plenty of fields we can get for these dates.  We are locking up coaches, but we have not finalized the field yet.  Learning towards Drury University.  Could be in Kansas City area though too.


September 16

Northern Illinois (Field TBD)

This is an invite only event.  You must attend one of our other events to be eligible for this event.

This event is set up to help our top players that we saw in the summer who are not committed to a college yet.

33 position players, 21 pitchers
This Event is Free.  You just have to get here and take care of your lodging.


Learn More About Us Here

Who Are the Illinois Hammerheads?

We are a travel baseball program in Illinois that is run by former minor league baseball player Kevin Sewell.

We run travel teams.  We train them.  We coach them.  We are a little different than what you are going to see at the other showcases.  We are running college exposure events, but within the framework of playing team baseball and actually playing games.

We will do everything we can to help promote the players that we see in our events that showcase the following:

The Tools to Play College Baseball

This is important.  If you don’t have the tools to play college baseball or the body type that works, it’s hard to play at the next level.

Team Guys

We love team guys and so do all coaches.

Play Hard & Compete

It is very hard to email and call college coaches for players that don’t compete.  So much so, that we don’t do it.  We will make videos for players and list their tools, but if they don’t hustle, go after balls hard, run the bases hard and so forth, we will not reach out to college coaches on behalf of those players.

List of College Coaches

We will see well over 100 college coaches in the summer of 2018 and we have a database of almost every college baseball program organized by division, by state and by region.  If we see players that have the skills to play at the next level, it’s very easy for us to pass along those player’s information to college coaches.

We don’t just spam college coaches though.  It’s all about finding a fit for the player and the school.

What Events Are We Running in 2018

Starting in the summer of 2018, we are setting up college exposure events where we hire college coaches to evaluate our boys in a game format.  The Hammerheads staff will coach during the games.  We will set up 4 teams worth of players and each team will play 2 games as long as the weather cooperates.

Most of the tournaments we attend have good competition, but lack the college exposure we are looking for as a program, so we decided to do something a little different for the summer of 2018.

We will be bringing our local guys to these events, but we will need quality players from throughout the region to help us fill out 4 full teams for these events.