Illinois Hammerheads Baseball

17u Travel Baseball Teams (2017-18)


Summer Schedule

We will play in 7 local tournaments.  We will pick at least 2 of the bigger tournaments in our area for next year.  (Usually a PBR World Series and the Diamond Sports Promotions World Series) Rosters are fluid.  We plan on playing on the following weekends next year.

  • June 7-10     Local Tourney
  • June 14-17   Local Tourney
  • June 21-24   Local Tourney
  • June 26-28    Omaha, Nebraska
  • July 4-7  Off
  • July 12-16     Kansas City, KS
  • July 18-21     Local Tourney
  • July 26-29     ISU – Diamond Sports Promotions

College Exposure Events

We are running a Hammerheads Elite division for next year.  We will have 4 showcase events and 3 big tournaments.  The Hammerheads Elite feel is $995, then each event is a separate event and you will pay separately for each event.

Take a look at what we have planned for next year.