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Juco Players (Graduation 2019)

  • Hasto, Tim – College of DuPage – Electric Arm (92.8 mph from a hop), good bat and an awesome work ethic.
  • Novak, Austin – College of DuPage – New to Submarine Pitching.  Had a good summer.  Looking forward to see him progress with Coach Tyrell at C.O.D.
    Wilmot, Harry – Illinois Valley Community College – Middle Infielder.  We didn’t get to see him a lot in the summer.  He looked like a nice player when we did see him.  Looking forward to seeing him improve through the off-season.

Juco Players (Graduation 2018)

  • Cordone, Keagan – (2B & OF) Waubonsee Community College – He is a smart player.  He runs well, has good hands with the bat and can play 2nd base and any outfield position.  His strength has to be on the bases.  If you are looking for a guy who can steal some bases, he may be a nice fit for your school.
  • Garcia, Fabian – (P) College of DuPage – He was low 80s on the mound in the summer.  Looked good on the mound.  Excited to see how he develops this off-season with Coach Tyrell at C.O.D.
  • Stewart, Marcus – (1B & 3B) Joliet Junior College – Marcus can flat out play.  He has excellent batspeed, runs well, plays good defense and definitely passes the eye test.  He should get D1 looks for sure.

Class of 2018

Top Hitters From This Past Summer:
  • Sandleback, Mitchell – Our player of the year.  He is just awesome.  I know the college coaches all hate how undersized he is, but he can play multiple positions, he has a good swing and he can run.  He will be a small school guy, but he can definitely play.
  • Dewey, Nathan – Dewey can definitely run and he can hit too.  He has been one of the most consistent hitters I have been around in 4 years running travel baseball teams.  He is very good.
  • Knowlton, Ryan – We moved Ryan to the outfield this past summer.  He hit well and played well in right field.  He has a lot of batspeed and he hit for some power this past summer.  He hit close to .400 for the summer.  Not sure where he will end up, but he has a bat and has a lot of potential.
  • Matijevic, Nick – Currently Committed to E.C.C. (a junior college) –  Nick was one of our most improved hitters in the program.  He really started to figure it out.  A joy to coach and he should have a shot to play at a higher level college if he continues to put in the work.  He has a solid arm behind the plate.  With a little cleanup back there, he can catch at the next level.  He is a great teammate.
  • Cummings, Connor – Connor may not be very toolsy, but the kid can hit a baseball, he gets the job done on the mound and he is a great teammate.  He is a great student also.
  • Gavac, Joey – Joey is one of the hardest workers in the program.  He isn’t fast, but he has great fundamentals and can swing the bat.

Best Runners:

Best Catchers:

Best Pitchers:
  • Vesevick, Johnny – Johnny can pitch.  He is tall and thin.  If he can fill out that body, he could do some very good things at the next level.  He was low to mid 70s all summer, so he needs a velo jump, but it will come as he gets bigger, stronger and more explosive.
  • Majer, Matt – Matt competes well on the mound.  He attacks hitters with his fastball and has a good curveball.  He velocity was in the upper 70s to low 80s throughout the summer.  If he can get a velo jump in the off-season, he could do something at the next level.  I love how he competes on the baseball field.

Best Defensive Infielders

  • Madiol, Jeffrey (First Base) – Jeffrey can play 1st base.  He is one of the better defensive first baseman I have seen in our area.  His bat needs to keep getting better and he needs to get stronger.  With a fairly skinny frame, his ball exit got into the mid 80s last winter, so I could easily see him in the low 90s once he fills out and gets bigger.  He has a great work ethic and is a great teammate.

Best Defensive Outfielders

Other Position Players

  • Gambiani, Rocco
  • Invergo, Vince
  • Kelly, Grif 
  • Lietzow, Billy
  • Palmer, J.P.

Other Pitchers

Class of 2019

Class of 2020

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Class of 2021

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