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Hitting – The Load & Stride

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The load is one of the things that most younger players struggle with the most.  Spend a lot of time learning how to load correctly so you can focus on the other parts of the swing and the mental approach.  Once you have the load down, hitting becomes a lot easier.  If you don’t figure out how to load properly, hitting gets harder and harder as you get older because the pitching gets so much better.  There are several ways to load as well.  Scroll down further to see some of the common types of loads that higher level hitters will use.

Easier Loads to Learn

The following loads are easier to learn and better for younger hitters that are just starting to figure out the swing.

Advanced Loads

These loads are harder to pull off, but have some big advantages, so they are worth learning.  If you want to generate a little more batspeed, one of these loads may be the load for you.

Other Loads

Some hitters like to hit from an open or a closed stance.  As a program, we typically have our players even or slightly closed in their stance, but we are open to having a hitter with a very closed stance or a very open stance if it works for them.