Illinois Hammerheads Baseball

About Us

The Hammerheads Travel Baseball Organization was started by Kevin Sewell.  He got his start by doing lessons in the Carol Stream area for years.  After 8 years of doing lessons, he eventually got into travel teams and now the program is run like a baseball school going from youth ages up through college.

Kevin was an All State 2nd baseman in high school, 1st Team College All-American at Quincy University and MVP of his “A” Ball Jamestown Jammers (Minor League Baseball).  He played a couple of years in the minor leagues in the Florida Marlins’ organization.

He has hired so many good people to help run this program.  Quality people with baseball experience.  That is how he has hired his staff and there are some very good ones in the program.

Kevin runs everything like a school from teaching coaches to players.  Combine all of that with all of the training this program offers and it’s no surprise that we have gone from a program nobody knew anything about to one of the fastest growing baseball schools in the state of Illinois.