Illinois Hammerheads Baseball

Hammerheads Highlights

12u Hammerheads Go To Elizabethtown, KY and Take 1st Place
Nationals Week Long Destination Tourneys

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12u Hammerheads 1st Place (Winfield Wolves Tournament)

12u Hammerheads 1st Place (Wheeling Tournament)

13u Hammerheads 2nd Place Finish (Wheaton Tournament)

14u Had a Couple 2nd Place Finishes and Made it to the Semis in Their Week Long Destination Tournament with Nationals Baseball (Elizabethtown, KY).

15u Hammerheads 1st Place (B.O.M.C. Tourney)

15u Made it to the Semi Finals (Final 4) of a 45 Team Tournament Hosted by PBR / B.O.M.C.

16u Hammerheads 1st Place (B.O.M.C. Tourney)

18u Hammerheads 2nd Place (B.O.M.C. Tourney – 19 Teams)

18u Hammerheads 1st Place (B.O.M.C. Tourney)