Illinois Hammerheads Baseball

Instructors / Coaches / Staff

Owner / Director of Player Development
Kevin Sewell

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Kevin Sewell is in charge of the day to day operations for Hammerheads Baseball.  All of the player development goes through Kevin.  Whether it’s working on hitting, fielding, pitching or catching, Kevin will either be instructing his players or getting them in front of the appropriate specialist to help them improve their game.  Kevin is trained to teach any part of the game from pitching, hitting, catching, base running, all other defensive positions and the mental part of the game.

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Program Coordinator
Kelsey Peterson

Kelsey is our program coordinator.  She handles payments, spirit wear, scheduling, and basically anything else that allows Coach Sewell to be involved with the boys in our training program instead of at his computer.

Scout / Player Development / Coach / Instructor / Director of East Coast Operations
Jeff LaPage

Jeff has been with the Hammerheads for 4 years.  He caught and played outfield at Glenbard North High School, Waubonsee Community College, College of DuPage and Aurora University.  Jeff has done a little bit of everything with the Hammerheads program.  He has helped develop hundreds of kids at a variety of different positions.  His primary role has been working with catchers, but he is so much more than a catching instructor.

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Hammerheads Elite Coach / Instructor
Brandon Kressner

Kressner (Pictured 2nd from the left)

Brandon has done so much with the Hammerheads program over the last 4 years.  From helping with instruction to coaching 1 – 15u team to coaching 2 – 16u teams to helping run our 18u division, he has grown a lot over the past 4 years.  Brandon played for Glenbard North High School and recently graduated from Elmhurst University.

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Coach / Instructor
Andrew Lauber

Andrew Lauber (Pictured Top Right)

Andrew played 1 year in the Hammerheads program.  He had a great senior year at Burlington Central High School and he played well for the Hammerheads in the summer of 2015. He plays college baseball for Lawrence University in Wisconsin.

Coach / Instructor / Player Development / Scout
Luke Marzano

Luke Marzano (Pictured Top Left)

“There is no better training in the Illinois area than with Kevin Sewell and the Illinois Hammerheads. When I was playing in college, Kevin would take time out of his very long day to work with me at my game. There is no doubt that Kevin made me a better overall baseball player. I do not have the success in my baseball career without him. The Illinois Hammerheads is a program that cares and that will help you reach your maximum potential as a baseball player.” -Luke Marzano

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Coach / Instructor / Scout
John Murphy

John is one of the first ever Hammerheads. A Burlington Central graduate in 2016, he was a Unanimous All-Conference winner and on the Fox-Valley All-Area team. He currently attends school at the University of Illinois. I’ve had Murphy since he was 10 years old and he is very knowledgable about the swing through the countless hitting lessons for 9 years. He has a year of experience has a head coach for us.

“I could write a book about all of the things I have learned from Sewell and how great my time playing for him was. Without him, I would have never have reached the level of baseball that I did. When I met him at 10 years old, he was teaching me things about the swing that most players will never learn in their lifetime. The swing is by-far the most debated aspect of the game of baseball, and the reality is, most coaches teach it wrong; and as a player, it is very difficult to know whether you’re getting the right instruction or not. Finding a coach who really understands the swing and is able to teach it to his players is incredibly rare, and I’m so grateful to have met Sewell. His ability to diagnose and walk me through each part of the swing while comparing it directly to professional hitters is what puts him above the rest. And hitting instruction isn’t his only strength: On the field, he coaches with high energy and holds players accountable; lack of hustle is never acceptable. Any player who wants to get better and bring their game to the next level and beyond can benefit considerably from Sewell.” – John Murphy

Coach / Instructor / Scout
Nick Guzzo

Nick played Baseball at South Elgin High School for all four years where he pitched and played first base. He joined the the Hammerheads program at the beginning of his Junior year. He has one year of coaching experience with the Hammerheads and will be playing baseball at Lawrence University.

“The two years I’ve sent in the Hammerheads program have been incredible. As a pitcher I couldn’t have asked for better coaching. I’ve had access to two professional pitchers as coaches which have helped me a lot with my mechanics and the mental side of pitching. Sewell and the coaches he has brought in have been great. They all have had a great baseball IQ and I’ve been able good relationships with many of the coaches. As a program I couldn’t have asked a better and more fun experience while also growing as a player.” – Nick Guzzo

Coach / Instructor
Jared Smaga

Jared was a pitcher and infielder at Wheaton Warrenville South for all four years. Jared came to the Hammerheads program at the start of his Junior year. He will now be attending Trinity Christian College, in Palos Heights, in the fall of 2017 where he will continue his pitching career. He has a year of coaching through the program and has worked primarily with pitchers and infielders.

“Through the Hammerheads program, I have seen great gains in hitting and pitching. My ball exit off the tee was 76 and saw it raised to as high as 84 through one training offseason. My velo from a hop jumped 11 mph. This was through the works of the Hammerheads throwing program and working with Derek Tillman, a former pitcher in the Marlins organization, and Matt Frawley, a current pitcher in the Yankees organizations. Coach Sewell and his staff has made this a great experience for me as they are always open to any question. I have been bouncing countless questions off Sewell and he has always been open to new ideas and new ways off doing things… it’s not just one way, he is open to a different way and this has helped in my training and development.” – Jared Smaga

Jake Lindstedt 

Mike Rostine 

Mitchell Sandleback

Dan Opem

Timmy Crom

Ryan Fitzgerald

Sean Cooke

Ryan Simak

Keagan Cordone

Matt Frawley

Thomas Colletti



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