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Pitcher: Backing Up Bases

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Pitchers that don’t back up bases drives me crazy.  Seriously.  You threw the pitch, the hitter crushed it.  Now, you just sit there and watch the play and do nothing.  You may have to back up bases 100 times and only actually be needed once.  You still need to back up 100 out of 100 times.  If you aren’t backing up bases, it is a totally mental lapse that is unacceptable.  You have nothing else to do.  Pay attention to the guy running around the bases and go back up.

Backing up 1st Base

This rarely happens, but there are 2 situations where you should be backing up on a batted ball. On a deep fly ball to right field where a player is off too far, you need to anticipate an outfielder throwing it to first base.  You need to be there.  Also, on a base hit to right field where the fielder attempts to throw the runner out at 1st base.  This is another situation to back up first base.

Backing up 2nd Base

For backing up 2nd base, this will normally come on a ball hit that could be stretched into a double.  One middle infielder is out as the cut and the other one is on the bag.  It is your responsibility to put yourself in position for a bad throw that goes past 2nd base and into the infield.  You also may have to back up on a deep ball hit in the outfield where the runner tags up from first.  This doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, find a place to be in case the throw goes wild.

Backing up 3rd Base

This happens a lot more.  Basically, someone is going to hit a ball in the outfield that could put the play at 3rd base.  Whenever this happens, make sure you get over there and back up.  However, sometimes there are multiple runners and there could be a play at 3rd or home.  In this instance, you are better off going in between home and 3rd base and then moving to wherever the play ends up taking you.

Backing up Home Plate

This is easy.  Someone wacks the ball and a guy is going to score.  Get your butt behind home plate and go get the ball if it gets by the catcher.