Illinois Hammerheads Baseball

Pitcher: Bunt Coverages

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Bunt coverages are easy.  Learn them and know what you are doing because when someone bunts, we expect to get an out.  When they give us an out, we say thank you.

Runner on 1st

Most teams would have 1st base hold here and have the 3rd baseman charge.  The pitcher would have in front of them and towards the first base line.  If the ball is fielded by the 3rd baseman, the pitcher needs to go over and cover 3rd base.

Runners on 1st and 2nd

Most teams would have the 3rd baseman hold here unless it is bunted hard.  Pitchers have the 3rd base line and in front of them.  If the 3rd baseman charges and fields a hard hit bunt, the pitcher needs to go cover 3rd base.

Crash Play

Everyone is charging.  On this play, you have right in front of you.  If you guys are setting this up to get the lead runner, make sure you know where you are throwing the ball to.  For some teams, they will have everyone crash in a situation where they know the other team is bunting and it is just to make sure that they can get an out.  Make sure you give the 2nd baseman enough time to cover 1st before you throw a seed over there.

Squeeze Play

Field the ball and throw it home if you have a play.  Otherwise, just get an out.  On a squeeze play, you may have both corner infielders crash out of surprise, so if you field a ball and don’t have a play at home, make sure you give the 2nd baseman time to get over there.