Illinois Hammerheads Baseball

Pitcher: Double Plays

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Runner on 1st Ground Ball to Pitcher

On a ground ball or badly bunted ball back to the pitcher with a runner on 1st base, make sure you spin to your glove side and make a good throw to the bag.  Do not throw to the fielder because this may mess you up if the fielder isn’t there yet.  Throw it to the bag.

You also need to communicate before the pitch to know who will be covering the bag.  This will help.

Bases Loaded Ground Ball to Pitcher

This is a gift.  Don’t freak out and rush the throw here.  Field the ball, make a good accurate throw to the catcher and watch as he throws a seed down to 1st base.  Smile and say thank you to the Baseball Gods for bailing you out here.  (No, I don’t really believe in Baseball Gods)

Line Drive Back to Pitcher (Runners on Base)

Know where the runners are on the bases and be ready to deliver a quick throw to that base.  Any time you get a line drive back to the pitcher, there is a very good chance that a base runner didn’t have time to react yet and they will be a good distance off the bag because of their secondary lead.  This is a gift.  Set your feet and make a strong, accurate throw.