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Pitch Smart

We use Pitch Smart to help guide our training program and in-season pitch counts with our pitchers.

How Weighted Baseballs Cause Arm Injuries

Take a look at this video and look at our page for How Weighted Baseballs Cause Arm Injuries.

Illinois Hammerheads Position on the Use of Weighted Ball Throwing Programs:

The use of weighted baseballs to help players throw harder is nothing new.  They have been around for a while.  We do not use weighted baseballs in our program.  There are some of our older guys who choose to do some weighted ball training on their own and we don’t stop them from doing it if they come in here on their own to train.  However, for our travel baseball teams, weighted baseballs ARE NOT part of our routine.

Band Routine

We do quite a few exercises with the J Bands from Jaeger Sports.  We highly recommend doing all the rotator cuff exercises, but there are several more that we do with the J Bands before we throw inside.

Take a look at Jaeger Sports’ website to see some images of the exercises that we do with the bands. Some other bands you may want to use are the following:

Rawlings Resistance Bands

Precision Impact Bands

There are plenty of others too, so find a band that has the right type of resistance for you and start a routine.  It will help with your arm care.

Throwing Program

Following a good throwing program is one of the best things you can do for your arm.  Get it in shape, keep it in shape and get some rest throughout the calendar year.  We do some different things throughout the year based on where the kids are at development-wise, but we do have a basic Hammerheads Throwing Program that we use with some variations that we do to help with specific pitches, positions, etc.

If you aren’t doing a good throwing program consistently, you are keeping yourself from reaching your potential.

Arm strength is one of the biggest factors that college coaches and professional scouts look for.  Get your arm in shape and throw the heck out of it.  Develop a stronger arm and you’ll have a better shot in this game.

Hammerheads Throwing:  Basic Throwing Program (Videos Coming Soon)

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Arm Stretching

We keep our J Bands inside, so when we are outside, we do a basic stretching routine to get our arms ready to throw the baseball.  Take a look at the video to see some of the stretches that we use to get our arms ready for throwing program.
Video Coming Soon