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Band Routine

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J Bands From Jaeger Sports

We do quite a few exercises with the J Bands from Jaeger Sports.  They are great for a variety of warmup exercises, especially for hitting your shoulders and getting your arm ready to throw a baseball.

Take a look at Jaeger Sports’ website to see some images of the exercises that they recommend.  For our routine, we use some of their exercises and add some of our own.

Hammerheads Jaeger Band Warmup Routine

Single Band Routine

Single bands are not as good as the Jaeger Bands, but they will definitely get the job done.  Take a quick look at our video below showing how we use the single bands to get ready to throw a baseball.


Some good single bands that you may want to use are the following:

There are plenty of others too, so find a band that has the right type of resistance for you and start a routine.  It will help with your arm care.