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Running from Home Plate

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Infield Single
This is so basic and easy, but so many hitters do not run hard out of the box.  You have a chance for an infield single.  Bust your butt down the line.  Get on the balls of your feet, turn your legs over as quickly as possible and hit the front part of the bag.  Run through the bag, break down and look to your right.  On close plays, fielders will make some bad throws, especially at the lower levels, so your infield single can easily turn into a man on 2nd if you run through the bag correctly, break down, look right, then react.  If it’s a good throw, that is fine too.  Just be happy you got a hit.

Base Hit to Right Field
At the lower levels, you really need to sprint through the bag here because there are still kids that get thrown out at 1st base on base hits to right field.  As you get older and move up through the levels, you may be able to take a somewhat aggressive turn depending on where the right fielder is playing.  

Base Hit to Center Field & Left Field
At most levels, a base hit to center and left field will result in a good hard turn around 1st base.  This isn’t always the case, but when this is the case, hit the inside part of the bag, take a good turn and be ready for an outfielder to bobble the baseball.  When they do, you may be able to take 2nd base.

You have hustle doubles and stand-up doubles.  We don’t have to go over ground rule doubles because you get to jog into 2nd base with no throw.  On a hustle double, it is usually a ball hit in a gap or down the line and you are going to be sprinting out of the box.  With a good aggressive turn and a little help from our first base coach, we may decide to take an extra base.  As you go past 1st base, find the baseball in the field because you may still be able to slam on the brakes and go back to 1st if you won’t be able to make it safely.  On a hustle double, you will need to be sliding into 2nd base.  On a stand-up double, you should be hustling out of the box still, but this is usually on a ball hit over the outfielder’s head.  Once you get about half way to 2nd base, you will realize there is no chance for 3rd and they have no play at 2nd base.  This is when runners will decide to coast into 2nd base and stay on the bag.  Nice hit!

Triples are usually hit to right center, however, they do sometimes occur to center field and left field at the lower levels; not as often at the higher levels though.  If it is to right center, you can see the play in front of you as you’re heading to 2nd base.  You should be able to make this decision yourself if you understand your speed well enough, however, you still need to pick up the 3rd base coach.  If he is sending you, then turn it up a notch.  There will probably be a throw and you will most likely have to slide.

Home run
If you hit it out of the park, you don’t have to sprint.  Well, your coach might make you, but you really don’t have to.  It’s a dinger.  You get to jog.  On an in the park home run, you are probably playing on a field without a fence and it’s probably at the lower levels.  If you tag a ball and it keeps rolling, you may want to sprint out of the box, hit the inside corner of every base, stay on the balls of your feet and keep running hard.  Give your 3rd base coach a chance to send you here.