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Hammerheads House League (7-12)

Hammerheads House League 7 – 12 Years Old
A Better House League For Teaching Kids How to Play Baseball

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Cost for the League:  $375.

Save $100 if you sign up before February 1st.

Go to our payment page to sign up.


I started this league with the idea of bridging the gap between in-house baseball and travel baseball.  After at looking at programs for my own son who is now 6 years old, there really isn’t anything out there that teaches baseball in a school format in our area.

Our league will be run by our paid staff.  These will be current and former college baseball players with some of our higher level directors sprinkled in.  There will be NO PARENT COACHES in this league.

We are going to go 7-12 year olds for this league.  We have the schedule set up for 7-10 year olds, but the 11-12 year olds will play partly on Saturday and Monday with the majority of their games on being on Sundays.

We will spend a lot of time on the following:

  • Throwing Program
  • Defensive Fundamentals
  • Baseball IQ
  • Base Running

Hitting is obviously important too, but at these younger ages, the biggest thing that prevents the games from looking like real baseball is the fact that most kids can’t throw, play defense, they don’t understand the game and they have no clue how to run the bases.  We will hit too, but there will be a big emphasis on fundamentals and learning how to play the game.

I want my son to learn how to play baseball properly and I am handing him over to my college guys next year in this league.  I want him to learn the fundamentals of the game at a young age while having fun.  If you’re interested in the same thing, join our league.  (Coach Sewell)

Location:  St. Luke’s Church – 421 Cochise Ct, Carol Stream, IL 60188

Age Groups:  

Whatever age your son is as of May 1st, 2018, will determine the level they can play. 

  • Rookies: 7 – 8 years old 
  • Minors: 9 – 10 years old
  • Majors:  11-12 years old 
    • Kids may be able to play up, but it will be decided by our staff.  Parents will not have a say in deciding if their kid can play up or not.  We will move kids up if it is the right move for that specific player.


League Fees are $375. This includes the following:

  • 2 games a week with skills training
  • 1 Baseball Hat
  • 2 Hammerheads Dri-Fit Shirts
  • 1 Pair of Pants

To make a payment, please follow this link to the Hammerheads In-House League Payment page.

Dates & Format:

The league will have 11 weeks of play and 2 off weeks from April 26th – July 22nd. For more details, please go to the Hammerheads In-House League Schedule page by following the link below.

Hammerheads In-House League Schedule