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Throwing Mechanics

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Throwing mechanics may differ slightly from player to player, but for the most part, there are definitely some similarities based on the position that you’re playing.

Middle Infielders

Middle infielders will usually have the shortest arm actions on the field, except for catcher.  There are so many different feeds and different types of plays that middle infielders will make, so you will a see a variety of arm actions and arm slots from middle infielders.  You will usually see more side arm or even lower arm slots from middle infielders.  If you take a look at our shortstop and 2nd baseman section on our site, you will get an idea of some of the different things you will see from middle infielders.


You will also see very short arm actions from catchers.  The big difference between catchers and middle infielders is that you will see most catchers throw from more over the top.


Corner Infielders

With the corners, it all depends on the play.  There are times that the 3rd baseman has plenty of time and you may see a longer throwing motion.  However, when they don’t have time, you may see a very short arm action like a shortstop.  When starting the double play, you will also see plenty of high level 3rd baseman who will throw from a sidearm slot or even lower.  1st baseman need to be short when throwing to 2nd base to start the double play or when a pitcher picks off a runner and the runner sprints to 2nd base.  Both corners will usually shorten up their arm action on a ground ball where the play is at the plate.


Most outfielders, but definitely not all, will have very long throwing motions.  These throwing motions tend to be closer to how pitchers look than other positions on the field.  Some outfielders have shorter arm actions, but most will have a nice, smooth long arm action as their stride leg goes forward and then plants which sets the rest of their throw into motion.


Most pitchers have a longer throwing motion.  This longer arm action helps them throw the ball much harder.  You can find some pitchers though with a shorter arm action, but it definitely isn’t the norm.  We have a lot of good information on our Pitching Mechanics page.  Take a look.