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Following a good throwing program is one of the best things you can do for your arm.  Get it in shape, keep it in shape and get some rest throughout the calendar year.  We do some different things throughout the year based on where the kids are at development-wise, but we do have a basic Hammerheads Throwing Program that we use with some variations that we do to help with specific pitches, positions, etc.

If you aren’t doing a good throwing program consistently, you are keeping yourself from reaching your potential.

Arm strength is one of the biggest factors that college coaches and professional scouts look for.  Get your arm in shape and throw the heck out of it.  Develop a stronger arm and you’ll have a better shot in this game.

Hammerheads Throwing:  Basic Throwing Program (Videos Coming Soon)

There are a lot of good throwing programs out there.  We do like to get our arms in shape and then max out.  However, we try to make sure we do everything we can to help take care of our arms.  We DO NOT USE WEIGHTED BALLS.  We do however, throw the heck out of the ball.  It is hard to make gains without challenging yourself.

Our basic throwing program consists of the following:

  • Wrist Flicks – Stay on Top of the Ball Drill – 4 Seam Grip
  • Shoulder Rotation & Throw
  • Rocker Drill (Glove Up, Ball Down)
  • Rocker Drill (Regular)

Hammerheads Throwing:  Master Your Pitches (Videos Coming Soon)

This is where we have our pitchers throw from a flat ground between 50 and 75 feet.  It depends on how the arms feel, what age groups we are working with and how successful that player is at getting movement.

For example, our high school pitchers will go around 65 to 75 feet away when they work on their 2 seamer, changeup and curveball.  The idea is to give them a little more distance to see the ball move the way that we are trying to get it to move.  With the added distance (normal mound is 60 foot 6 inches), this gives the ball a little more time to move and gives the pitcher an idea of when they get it right.

If they can get their movement from a closer distance, we may shorten it up to 50 feet or so.  For the youth players, the distance will be relative to the distance of the pitching mound at their age group.

Hammerheads Throwing:  Master Your Position (Videos Coming Soon)

For this part of our throwing program, we just spend a few minutes on the technique that you will use for the position you play.  Field a ground ball, then make a throw with the proper technique.  Catch a fly ball and make a throw with the proper technique.  This is basic, but it is important to get some of our younger players more reps to master their craft.

Hammerheads Throwing:  Quick Catch (Videos Coming Soon)

Quick catch is basic and most teams do it at the end of playing catch for each practice.  We don’t do it all the time, but we do some quick catch to help our players catch the ball and get rid of it.  When you need to get rid of the ball quickly, you better be good at it already or the runner will be safe.