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Basic Infield Fundamentals

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Basics:  Learn How to Play Catch

How to Field a Ground Ball
Center the Baseball, Field the Ball out Front, Replace Your Feet & Throw the Baseball

Young fielders usually don’t do a great job of fielding the ball with excellent fielding mechanics.  You really need to learn how to stay athletic, center the ball, field the ball out front in a good fielding position, replace your fee and make an accurate throw.

Getting Around the Baseball

Learning how to get around the baseball is very important if you play shortstop.  You will use it at 2nd base as well, however, you may not use this as much when playing 3rd base or 1st base.  In these positions, it’s a little more important to center the baseball and field it with a good fielding technique.

How to Speed Up Your Throws – Speed Up Your Feet

Some good tips for getting rid of the ball faster are to speed up your feet or to half shuffle.  These techniques will help you get the ball out of your hand quicker.

Fielding Down to Up

Get in the habit of fielding balls down to up.  Stay down and read it up.  You will be a better fielder because of it.


There are a couple main ways you are going to backhand the baseball.  You need to learn both of these if you want to be a fundamentally sound infielder.


Forehands are usually a lot easier than backhands for most fielders.  The biggest key with the forehand plays is know what to do with your feet after you field the baseball.

Short Hops

Fielding a short hop can be very easy once you have the proper technique and once you know how to read when you’re getting a short hop.

Long Hops

Reading a long hop is one of the easier things to do as an infielder.  Catching it is even easier.  This is something that shouldn’t take much practice to master.

Reading In Between Hops & Adjusting Your Feet to Get a Better Hop

This is a little more advance, but reading these hops are an essential part of basic infield fundamentals.  Most youth coaches will teach you to block it with your chest.  We would prefer that you learn how to read this hop, get your body in a better position and then to catch the ball.