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Basic Outfield Fundamentals

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Basics:  Learn How to Play Catch

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Ground Ball Techniques

In the outfield, you’re going to get a bunch of different types of ground balls at different angles.  For many of the ground balls, you’re just going to pick up the ball and get it back in with no threat of a runner taking an extra base.  At other times, you may have to come up with a great throw to prevent a runner from advancing to the next base.

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Fly Ball Footwork

Learning the proper footwork to play the outfield is so important.  Whether the ball is right at you, to your left or right or over your head, you need to learn how your feet will work so you can go make the play.

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Understanding Swings & Learning to Read Spin

If you understand a hitter’s swing and pitch location, there is a very good chance you will start getting a lot better reads on the fly balls.

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