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Basics:  Learn How to Play Catch

We use a variety of infield drills to help clean up our infielders.  Some are more tedious than others, but every drill on this page has a purpose.

Infield Drill – Ground Balls at You – Funnel It, Bring it to Center of Body

It all starts here.  There are way too many high school players on down who are in bad fielding positions way too often.  Learn how to center the baseball, get low and field the ball out front.  Funnel it into the center of your body so when we are actually going to make a throw, we can replace our feet and throw the ball off of one shuffle when needed.

Infield Drill – Ground Balls at You with a Sidearm Throw

Ground balls at you just like the video up above, however, we are going to work on our sidearm throws here.  We can’t expect our players to make that play that required a sidearm throw if they never practice it.

Infield Drill – Short Hops Drill

Fielding short hops is fairly easy with some practice.  We like to use this drill to get our players some reps so they can feel confident when going after that short hop.

Infield Drill – Fielding Glove to Hand with Sidearm Throw

This is more advanced, but not that hard once you practice it.  This is something we need our shortstops to be able to do.  At times, our 3rd baseman and 2nd baseman may use this technique also.

Wall Ball with a Racquet

This is one of the easiest ways to get a ton of reps to help you get a better glove.

Follow Your Throw Drill with Cones

For this drill, we are going to set up some cones to create a lane.  We roll a ground ball right at the fielder and the fielder will field the baseball, replace his feet and then throw to 1st base.  They will follow their throw here and run straight between the cones, then around and back to the line.  We do this from 3rd base, shortstop and 2nd base.

Glove Only Drill

In this drill, we’re just fielding ground balls with our glove.  Do not use your hand at all.  The idea is to get you really good with your glove.  This works well.  Just make sure not to go too crazy as far as hitting hot shots at the fielder.

On Both Knees Drill

In this drill, we’re on our knees and our partner is hitting balls at us.  We usually use a racquet when doing this drill, but if you have bat control, a bat will work well too.  Field the ball out front and use the proper technique needed for the appropriate hop.

Soft Hands / Quick Hands Training Tools

The paddle gloves are great for getting players to use both hands and help soften their hands.  Many coaches believe these are great for helping players get quicker at directing the ball, which they can help with that, but it is actually easier to be quicker at re-directing with the paddles because you can’t catch the ball with your glove hand.  We prefer to use our regular baseball gloves when working on re-directing as a middle infielder.  It’s more challenging with the glove and our fielders need to learn how to re-direct with an actual glove, not a flat glove training tool.

Read the Hop Tennis Ball Drill

This is a great partner drill to do at home, in a parking lot, on a sidewalk or basically anywhere that is safe that has a hard floor.  All you are doing is partnering up and throwing different types of hops at your partner.  Figure out which hop you’re going to field and get that hop.  From short hops to long hops and turning that in between hop into a manageable hop that you can field.