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The Big 3

I have done a ton of hitting lessons and instructed so many kids in the Hammerheads program over the years.  If I could only have 3 hitting drills to use, these would be them.  While there are plenty of other drills to use, you can get hitters to have a professional-looking swing by using just these 3 drills.

Load, Stride, Pause Drill

It all starts here.  Learn how to load and get into a good hitting position.  Take a look at the video below to learn about this drill.  If you want to see how Coach Sewell and our instructors will clean up our players and lessons with this drill, take a look at our Load, Stride Pause Drill page.  Kevin & Luke (6 years old) spend some time using this drill to clean up his swing.  Take a look at this page to see exactly how Kevin gets his hitters into a better hitting position.

Back Knee Drill

Great for teaching hitters how to use their back knee, back hip and lock the front leg up. Keep their head still from front heel plant through contact point and you’re really doing a great job.

Extension Drill

By far, this is the easiest drill to clean up a hitter’s bat path.  It works every single time.  Do the drill correctly and you will hit better.

Hands Drills

We don’t do that many hands drills in our facility.  Hands are important, but there are a lot of hands drills that people do that take the hips out of the equation.  The goal is to swing with good rotational hitting mechanics, so the hips turning are an important part of the swing.  These hands drills that we have listed will work with your body.

Extension Drill (One-Handed Release)

This is probably the best extension you can do.  Make sure to still use your body and rotate to the ball, then extend through the baseball and release the bat with one hand.  The top hand will stay in place as the palm faces the sky.

Extension Drill with 2 Hands

For some of the younger kids who have a hard time doing the extension drill with one hand release, we go to the extension drill with 2 hands.  I’m not a huge fan of stopping the swing in this position, however, the drill does work and we will use it quite a bit with our younger players who struggle with the other drill.  Just make sure you take some swings where you swing all the way through the baseball without stopping before you finish your hitting session to avoid having hitters stopping after they hit the ball.

10, 9, 8 Drill

This is one of our better hands drills to get hitters to swing quickly.  The swing has a lot to do with the body and how we use it, however, I have never seen a good hitter that doesn’t have good hands.

Load-Related Drills

Sideways Walking Drill

This is a great drill for teaching hitters to shift their back forward to get them in their center as the front heel lands.  This also helps our hitters feel their hands separate from their lower body and get back into a good hitting position.

Load, Stride, Pause Drill

This is a great drill.  If you have a player with a bad load, use this drill, but make sure they do it correctly.  If they do the drill correctly, they will get better.

Leg-Related Drills

Back Knee Drill

This is my favorite drill and one of our quickest fixes for a hitter because you could hit with this drill in a game and hit just fine with it.  This drill helps get the back knee working, the back hip turning and the front leg locking up at contact point.  It’s a hard drill for some hitters, but once they learn it, their swing will become much more explosive.

Back Knee Rhythm Drill

This is a good drill for teaching hitters what the back knee does to initiate the lower half in the swing.  Too many young hitters will just turn their foot and they lose a lot of power because of that.  This drill will help to fix that.

Stop at the Ball Drill

A great drill when done correctly.  This will help hitters feel the rotation and how the body works in the swing.  For some hitters, you need to get the hands out of the equation and let them feel how the body works.

Hip Turn Drill w/Object

For this drill, we use a swim noodle, long stick or even a longer baseball bat and we put this behind our back.  We then turn our back hip and hip the ball with the object.  This takes the hands out of the swing and helps us feel how the body work.