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On this page, we have a bunch of tips to help you understand the swing better.  We will cover mechanics and other tips that may help you figure it out.

Mechanics of the Swing
This is just the start for being able to hit a baseball consistently.  Some people put so much emphasis on having a good mechanical swing that they don’t focus on how to actually put it to use and prepare themselves to succeed in a game.  You should spend a lot of time on getting the mechanics correct though.  It can make the difference between enjoying baseball or hating baseball.

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Contact Points
Once you have a good foundation, learning the contact points should be your next major focus while in the batting cage.  Most coaches focus on inside, middle and away, but they never factor in height.  This is the biggest mistake in teaching hitters about contact points and most hitting coaches throughout the country never talk about it.  Learn why it is so important in this section.

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Have an Approach at the Plate
Having a good approach is what separates many of the best hitters from the good hitters and the good hitters from the bad hitters.  You need to understand what you do well as a hitter and how pitchers are pitching you are the level you are current playing at.

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Advanced Hitting Tips
Once you have a good swing, you understand your contact points, you are learning how to have an approach, you may want to learn about some of these advanced hitting tips.  You can learn these tips without learning the things above, however, if you’re going to go to school, you might as well start at chapter 1 and go through the whole book.  Once you have a good swing and good bat control, it is time to figure out what type of hitter you would like to be.  Some of the tips in this section could shape the type of hitter you will be over your next season.

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Random Hitting Tips
These tips just didn’t have a category above, so we have a random hitting tips spot on the website.  Just because these aren’t high on my priority list for teaching in my baseball school, that doesn’t mean that one of these tips won’t be the tip that changes your baseball career.  If you want to use them, great.  If not, no worries.

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