Illinois Hammerheads Baseball

Advanced Hitting Tips


Some of these videos are for my advanced hitters who are trying to understand their swing or make their swing better.

Learning to Pull the Baseball
Pulling the baseball consistently will usually result in hitting for more power if a hitter pulls the right pitches.  The problem with being a hitter who relies on pulling the ball more often is that a lot of hitters will swing at the wrong pitches and then make weak outs.  In this video, I will explain what pitches can be pulled easier so you can work on getting good at pulling these pitches and laying off the pitches that are more risky to pull.

Staying Flat Through the Zone
HItters will learn the swing, but for many of them, they will have a lot of inconsistency in their game.  If you want to figure out how to be a line drive machine, this video is for you.  You may give up some power numbers by staying flat, however, if you like getting hits in most games you play, this video may be for you.

Developing a Lift Swing
We are not a big fan of hitting ground balls.  However, going from a line drive swing to a lift swing can be difficult.  We go over some of the problems with having a lift swing and some of the advantages of changing your swing to more of a lift swing.

Situational Hitting
Baseball is a team sport and at times, you need to do what the team needs.  Moving a runner over, driving a run in, we go over the situations that all hitters should learn.  Whether you use all these or not will be up to the type of hitter you are.

Video Coming Soon

Driving a Low & Outside Pitch

When You’re Fooled and Out Front on Low Pitches – Stay Down
This is a great tip and so many hitters need to learn how to master it.  Pitchers are going to get you out front.  They are going to fool you.  When they fool you with an offspeed pitch down in the zone, learn how to still get this pitch off the ground and out of the infield for a base hit.