Illinois Hammerheads Baseball

Speed & Agility Drills

We use a number of speed and agility drills in our program.  Having good feet is essential for running bases, playing infield and outfield.  As we move inside and then continue outside next season, we will have a routine featuring what you see below.  We may modify on any given day to incorporate more sport-specific activities in, but these are the main things you will see us doing.  We will have a variety of videos listed on this website soon.

Quad Stretches

A good stretch to get started.  Easy to do, but does a good job in getting us ready to go.


Lunges are definitely part of the equation, so we add these into our dynamic stretching routine.

High Knees

These are great for turning your legs over at a faster rate.

Butt Kickers

Essential for running faster.  Great for getting our legs loose as well.

Quick Feet

This is to work on our cadence.  It’s hard to run fast if you can’t improve the rate at which you turn your legs over.

Goose Steps

These are unique and hard to explain, so we will let the video do the job here.

Skip Jumps

We start to turn it up a notch with the skip jumps.  If our players feel loose at this point, we want this to be as explosive as possible.

2 – Footed Jumps

An explosive exercise for sure.  This will definitely get the blood flowing and challenge our athletes to be more explosive.

Steal Starts

Working on our technique for stealing bases is super important.  Too many athletes have bad technique when stealing bases and fractions of a second can be the difference in winning a big game or losing.

Jump Step Sprints

We love this drill.  This is great for working on our footwork and mixing in some baseball-specific stuff as well.  We usually do this drill to work on our starts, but you can challenge them and hit the balls farther to get them some sprint work in too.

Push-up Sprints

Basic, but these help our players develop a body lean forward, which is important for sprinting faster.

Push-up High Knees then a Sprint

A nice twist to the push-up sprints.  This gets their knees working correctly and then helps incorporate that body lean and a good sprint.

Box Jumps

These should be a part of pretty much every athletic program.  They just help us turn into better athletes.  We use smaller boxes and some very tall boxes that may not be suitable for some players.